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Fearless Culture

Culture doesn’t ‘eat strategy for breakfast’ as the old saying goes. Culture is a strategy and needs to be approached with design thinking. Organisations spend millions creating new systems and processes without stopping to think how best to design them around the needs of their people, and those that they serve. 


We focus on people first, and we’re redesigning diversity and inclusion in the workplace. When inclusion lives through everyone’s actions, every single day, it delivers very real benefits. Diverse companies are more profitable, more creative and more innovative. When your people apply themselves without fear, they thrive, and so will your organisation. Flip the model; start by creating a fearless culture and put the foundations in place for real and sustainable change.


Fearless Culture will deliver you :


  • Leadership processes and empowerment

  • Thriving workplace environments, with less staff turnover

  • Frameworks to ensure positive mental health and an inclusive environment

Powerful Experience

You often hear that UX (User Experience) is a digital term, it’s not at all. ‘Experience’ can be a digital product online, or a physical product offline. It can even be an interaction at a store! 


Experience Design has to be embedded into the foundations of every organisation, not treated as an afterthought. It applies both internally and externally. People that are set free in a happy and efficient working environment will work harder. Happier workers build better products and services. When you launch a product or service with the best experience, you make your end-users happy too.


We are not our users. To build great products and services we have to understand our end-users in great detail. Do we understand their abilities? Do they need visual or audio aid? Is this offering suitable for our target market?


Embedding Experience Design into organisations creates a people-driven design process. Get it right and you will launch products and services that are usable, functional, and a delight to anyone who uses them.

Powerful Experience will deliver you :

  • People first approach to help you build better products and services.

  • The importance of inclusive design

  • Happier, effective teams, colleagues, and end-users


Intelligent Numbers

We want to make sure that everything we do has an ROI and that every person understands the importance and impact of their actions. This is never clearer and more actionable than when there are clear targets to work towards that everybody understands. 


We build bespoke dashboards for change that pull together a variety of financial and non-financial measures to keep everyone focused on the things that matter most and are unique to your organisation.

Intelligent Numbers will deliver you :


  • The missing link between your financial and non-financial measures of success

  • Transparency across the organisation in knowing where we’re heading, how far away we are and how we’ll know when we get there

  • A unique and efficient way to monitor progress at a high-level view whilst being able to drill down into the detail whenever that is required.


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