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I was officially adopted by Gaz, Vim and Tina and have been welcomed into the Honey Badger Clan. I live at the Aspinall Foundation where there are loads of other animal and of course lots of lovely people taking care of me. I'm probably the most mischievous honey badger and I've been told I am a great character. My favourite thing to do is eat... isn't it everyone's? Whenever I hear my keepers coming past my enclosure I always trot over to say hello..  and to see if they have any treats for me!


I am fearless. I like to take on the world. I'm currently working from home at the Aspinall Foundation making sure no other animal takes my title of "Most Fearless". I'm also the Chief Escape Officer at Honey Badger where my main role is to just look cute, but also fearless. I mean they named the company after me, so I'm a pretty big deal. Our Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer Vim likes to say she's our resident snack master, but everyone knows its actually me, I could beat her at a food eating competition any day! If you want to know more about me, our founders or more about what we do here at Honey Badger just drop me an email.



Coming back from dinner

My Birthday presents

Me and my flat mate Bee Bee

Just back from the barbers after getting my annual bowl cut

I love winter time!

Showing off my best assets