Our Values

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Our Values

We live and breathe our values. We practice what we preach.

We hold each other accountable to our values - from the simple things like making a cup of tea, to the big things like systemic change with our clients. 


Without our values, our work would be meaningless. We want you to hold us accountable to them too. 


It’s easy to write down values and share them. It’s easy to shout about how great they are and how important they are to us. But, real values come from action and behaviours - so under each value we’ve explained what it looks like for us and how we use our values to act.



  • Equality is the foundation for all that we do 

  • We will not be silent about injustice 

  • We will always do what’s right; not easy


What equality looks like at Honey Badger:

Equality is our main driver, so we act on equality everyday. We speak about inequality in the work that we do and we take on work that will actively lead to more equal work places and environments. 


Equality to us, is transparent pay structures - so you know where you are and where you’re getting to. 


Equality to us, is not just talking about injustice, but doing things about it. Lobbying on social media, blogging, protesting, influencing policy makers and working with decision makers to create change. 


  • We put people first 

  • We put loved ones above profit 

  • Great work matters to us


How we care at Honey Badger: 

We can’t make the world a more equal place if we don’t care deeply about people, the environment and the work that we do. We spend a lot of time discussing the things we care about - from fitness to food, from climate change to systemic racism. We make the time and space for people to care. And people are at the crux of it. 


Caring for us, is putting people at the heart of all of our decisions. We work with people, we are people and we’re delivering for people. People are the reason we exist, their thoughts, feelings and experiences are what drive us to create change. 


Caring for us, is having a safe space to speak about your loved ones. We care deeply about one another's loved ones and they will always come first. You don’t get a second chance to make memories so we want you to be able to talk openly about your loved ones, what you need and how you’d like to spend time at work. We shape work around our loved ones - friends and family alike. 


Caring for us, is not budging on our high standard of work. We won’t take on work where we don’t think we can effect change (in fact we have a process we go through to understand how likely real change is). It matters to us to continually deliver work that we’re proud of. We won’t put our names against things that aren’t putting positivity, equality and fundamental good out into the world. 



  • We make decisions based on evidence; not assumptions 

  • We work in ways that work for you

  • We are comfortable with being uncomfortable


How we are honest at Honey Badger:

Because all voices are equal and because we care deeply, honesty is integral to how we function. Honesty runs through our veins - from being honest about our emotions during the check ins at the beginning of our weekly meetings, through to calling each other out when we think we’re not living our values.


We’re honest through transparency, communication and openness. We believe in being transparent about how we’ve made decisions and why we’ve made them, over communicating so everyone is on the same page and being open about how we feel, what we’re thinking and when we agree and disagree. We create safe spaces and opportunities to ask questions, to be naive and to learn.


Honesty to us, is measuring the things that matter so we don’t make decisions on assumptions. We don’t want to assume we know what’s happening, what’s right or how someone’s feeling. We want to know it. So we’ll go above and beyond to find the evidence, to share it and to turn it into action. 


Honesty to us, is being able to work in ways that suit you and that make you happy. We can only work in the ways that work for us, if we’re honest with ourselves and honest with the people around us about what we need and when we need it. If you’re not a morning person that’s fine, if you want to workout at lunch - cool. Be honest about your needs and we’ll always work it out. 


Honesty to us, is finding the things that make us uncomfortable and feeling that discomfort. Change comes through that discomfort, from that feeling. In order to get to that change, we have to be honest about what makes us uncomfortable and go on a journey to understanding how we become comfortable with it - whether that’s a discomfort in a difficult conversation or being the only meat eater in a room of vegetarians. Find the discomfort and understand it.


  • We leave things better than how we found them

  • Our change is tangible, measurable and real

  • We change the world, big and small, bit by bit


How Honey Badger are dedicated to change: 

We want to make the best of our today, the worst of our tomorrow. We exist to create change, because things are working at the moment. People are getting left behind and the world is dying. But, amidst all of that, change is happening everyday on large and small scales. We are conscious of that change, and want to contribute to it through our values and our dedication to the way we work and the things we believe in. 


Change to us, is making sure our print on the world is a positive one. We embed long term thinking into our decision making process, so that we know the world we’re creating for the future is better than the we’ve left behind. We make sure that future generations are happy, healthy and can enjoy the things they need to. We take on the battles today, so that the future generations don’t have. 


Change to us, evidenced, transparent and debated. If we can’t prove how things have changed, we haven’t really changed anything. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is, and evaluating the things that matter - from seismic shifts, to small habits. We make change tangible through measuring. The more we measure, the more real change becomes. 


Change to us, is recognising that the world won’t change overnight. We know we have big ambitions but changing the world means creating small change everyday. We know that change is in the small actions, as well as the large - we keep changing in small ways, so that the cumulative effect is huge. We will change and adapt so that we don’t stagnate, so that we can keep changing the world.






How we got to our values

We practice what we preach. 


We went through the same process we use with our clients to help us understand one another. We wanted to know how each of us ticks, what holds us back and what can lift us up when we’re down. We matched our own definitions of ourselves with feedback from the people we love to sense check where we’d go to.


We used us as individuals, to define ourselves as a team. That ultimately helped us shape Honey Badger into the company you see today.


Our values mean the world to us and we think about them in every meeting, every workshop and every partner that we work with.


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