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Our Story

We design & deliver measurable change through culture and experience.

We are Honey Badger. Born out of the CoronaVirus pandemic, frustration at the state of the world and a hilarious parody video. We are designing a future where we can all be safe, happy and well. Through Fearless Culture, Powerful Experience Design and Intelligent Numbers, we’re creating the change the world needs to see. We aren’t afraid to use our voice to help organisations bring the best out of their people, to change experiences and to rethink business models.

Who's behind Honey Badger?

We are a team of 3 completely different people, from 3 different backgrounds and 3 different approaches to problem solving. But, we have one common purpose : to design working environments and solutions to help people. We are passionate about positive change, inclusive environments and delightful experiences. Our final piece of the puzzle is business models and metrics that prove the lived reality and measured outcomes for everyone to see and understand

Between us we have 40 years of experience in Design & Finance, and are leaders in our industries. We’ve worked with everyone from international organisations to scaling startups. We’ve been there, seen it and done it and we have our fair share of battle stories from along the way. 

We’ve spent late nights talking for hours about righting the wrongs in the world, what we would do differently and how we would create change. But, we got bored of just talking. Sitting in our echo chambers and talking to each other about how bad things are. It’s easy to talk. It’s hard to do something about it. And that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do: change the way the world works.


2020 Lockdown effect 

Some might see us as mad opening a business during a pandemic, but for us we saw it as an opportunity. At the end of 2019, Covid19 struck. And it struck us hard, but it shaped us in a way we never expected. 


Vimla sadly lost her beautiful Aunty Ruby, Tina’s parents were stranded in Spain for over 6 months, and Gareth [insert something that’s happened]. Reality hit us straight across the face, and with furloughs in place and time on our hands we knew it was now or never.


The world was changing around us. People experienced social movements like never before. We saw a tidal wave of understanding, empathy and change. The world was opening its doors to everything we’d been speaking about for years. If not now, when?













Why "Honey Badger"?

Some companies spend countless hours and huge amounts of money trying to come up with a name for their business, ours was agreed upon during our first meeting. We went through loads of different ideas:

Foc.us, Clarity, Reflect... But they just weren't hitting the spot. 


We needed something bold, something different, and something meaningful. After about 40 mins and running low on ideas (and snacks), Gareth perked up the moment by sharing a hilarious parody documentary about a Honey Badger.


Laughing out loud and veering way off-topic we started reading about Honey Badgers and shouting out facts to each other over a video call.

  • "Did you know the Honey Badger is recognised as the most fearless animal alive?"

  • "Did you know It’s an animal powerful enough to fight a pack of lions by itself?"

  • "Did you know It’s extremely intelligent and uses tools to get stuff done and even collaborates with other animals when it needs to?" 


“What about Honey Badger?!” and the rest, as they say, is history.

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