ethical commitments

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  • We will donate 10% of our time to charity work 

  • We commit to changing our actions first wherever possible. Donations are a secondary option when we can’t.




  • Equal & fair pay structures 

  • Transparent pay structures 

  • Recruit from a diverse* pool of candidates 

  • Inclusive working environments for everyone

  • Provide equal opportunities 

  • Where we can, we donate to food banks

  • We will work with the following organisations to change the face of the industry:


Environment & Climate Change


  • Commit to the UN sustainability goals

  • Use sustainable energy where possible 

  • Only print when necessary

  • Recycle our post-it notes

  • Walk/Cycle or take public transport where possible

  • Quantify and carbon-offset our taxi, car and air travel

  • Quantify and carbon-offset our business meetings

  • Shop locally

  • Purchase our equipment from sustainable companies 

  • Buy second hand where we can 

  • Sponsor a Honey Badger 

  • Reuse and recycle - minimise our carbon footprint

  • Offset the use of

    • Amazon

    • Uber/UberEats 

    • JustEat

    • Deliveroo


Human Rights


  • Won’t work with an organisation that works with modern slavery 

  • Use our brand to make a statement about victims of human right infringement 


As founders we:


  • Give our time back for our Amazon deliveries 

  • Recycle and up-cycle our clothes and goods


* Our definition of diverse applies to…

  • Age

  • Race

  • Gender

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Socio-economic background

  • Education

  • Physical ability

  • Mental health